2016 Lamborghini VS Mclaren vs Ferrarri vs Buggatti


2016 cars face off

Sometimes all you need to know about a car is in the name. This car translates to it is the big mother with v-12 and billionaire doors. So in this review we are going to see is this car goes as fast a it looks.

There have been several big, mid-engined, V-12 Lamborghinis over the years. Starting with the sinfully gorgeous Miura, through to the spaceship-looking, brand defining Countach, to the sinister Diablo, to the origamiish Murcielago, to the modern day Aventador, they’ve all been loud, sexy, attention-garnering beasts. But have they been any good to drive? Honestly? No, not especially. Not in the driver’s car sense of the word. Well friends, meet the latest Lambo Superveloce on this week’s episode of Ignition presented by Tire Rack. Power is up, weight is down, and key handling bits are all new. Does the red monster live up to its name, which literally translates to “super fast?” Watch as Jonny Lieberman finds out!

This new supercar costs just a fraction as much as the cars it sits next to on the McLaren showroom floor. With a sticker price of just $187,400, the 570S is nearly a hundred grand cheaper than the 650S, and it’s nearly as fast too. The cost has come down by substituting aluminum body panels where carbon fiber was previously used, and conventional suspension in place of the 650S’s interconnected hydraulic lines. The basic bits remain: a full carbon-fiber tub and flat-plane-crank turbocharged V-8 that screams to over 8000 rpm. As the car’s name suggests, the 3.8-liter engine makes 570 metric horsepower (562 SAE hp), and a new equal-length exhaust gives this McLaren a whole new sound. On this episode of Ignition presented by Tire Rack, Motor Trend Senior Editor Jason Cammisa and SCCA Hall of Fame inductee Randy Pobst test the McLaren on the road and on track to see just how much of a smile it puts on their faces.

On this episode of Ignition presented by Tire Rack, Angus MacKenzie heads to Italy to drive Ferrari’s newest mid-engine supercar, the 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB. The 488 GTB is the first turbocharged mid-engine Ferrari since the legendary F40, and the successor to Motor Trend’s 2011 Best Driver’s Car winner, the 458 Italia. So it has some big shoes to fill. With 660-horsepower, the Ferrari 488 GTB promises plenty of performance. But can it top the thrilling handling and spine-tingling soundtrack that made the 458 Italia one of the all-time great Ferraris? Stay tuned to find out.

The very first look at Bugatti’s new hypercar, named Chiron. With only 500 examples being built and boasting an immense 1,500hp from the quad-turbo W16 engine, the Chiron shows design cues that were teased in the Vision Gran Turismo concept we saw at Frankfurt.

So this article is made so you can make up your mind on what you could buy if you are not sure what exotic car you want yet.

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