The Movie Guy

Welcome Back to the Dapperman Project. This month saw the release of the newest addition to the Star Wars franchise. I will start off by reviewing Rogue One. I was really looking forward to this movie, and I had the opportunity to watch this movie at the Thursday screening. I think this story was a great story to add to the franchise. Rogue One was a fantastic war movie with the Star Wars landscape as a background. I really enjoyed this film, and I would recommend it to everyone who has not seen it. It is a movie that can be watched without any prior knowledge of the franchise. I also think the ending was well worth the headaches of the expensive reshoots that took place. Hopefully I will get to see the alternative ending on the blu-ray addition.

In keeping with the holiday’s, the next movie we will be reviewing is Office Christmas Party. This comedy was one of those movies that looked funny from the previews, so I gave it a chance. I went into the theater with the expectation of finding the next great laugh out loud comedy. That was my first mistake. This movie had its moments, but in the end it failed to deliver on its trailers expectations. I am positive you will enjoy it in the comfort of your own home and on DVD.

Up next is Collateral Beauty. I went into this movie with no expectations because of the last mistake. I even disregarded numerous reviews from movie critics. So I watched Collateral Beauty with an open mind. I have to say that this movie was fantastic. Any movie that can make me cry more than once is worth watching in the theater. Will Smith is a movie star that can do no wrong, maybe some hiccups, and once in a while he will put in a stinker, aka Wild Wild West. I hope all of you get the chance to catch this film while its still in the theater.

This week we saw the release of Suicide Squad. I think this movie is good. I watched this movie in the theater, but I enjoyed it again from the redbox. I think it is worth the rental and a re-watch. If you haven’t had a chance, please go grab this and enjoy it with your friends. I think this movie was good in its objective, pure entertainment.

We will end these reviews with a movie you should avoid. This movie is Ben Hur, This remake is very boring and the story is all over the place. It has some very bad acting and wasted talent.This remake had the perfect opportunity, it had Morgan Freeman and Tobey Kebbell.If you see it in the redbox, please leave it in the queue.

Thank you for checking in with the Dapperman Project, if you have any comments or concerns please feel free to post it at the bottom.