St. Patrick’s day : Celebrating with friends and food

ST. Patrick’s Day

How to Celebrate the Irish American holiday

Celebrations and Friends
How to celebrate this holiday
So this holiday was at first a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland. It has become an international celebration for Irish culture. Countries around the world celebrate with dancing, special foods, parades and lots of green
How stores celebrate

st patricks day

How stores will celebrate this holiday and how people can benefit from it.

For starters morning coffee drinkers will have a great promotion lined up for them when they hit their local coffee donuts shops. One of the best options for morning risers is for example, Starbucks will be having their shamrock frappuccino. The other is you can order a green tea latte if you prefer as well. Starbucks will have other options readily available throughout the day so people don’t miss out on this opportunity. Krispy kreme will be having many promotions all through the day as well so you can enjoy what they have to offer. For the morning part of the St. Patrick’s day you have many place other than the ones i mentioned earlier. So for you morning commute spice it up a little and order something that is festive and fun. Who knows maybe you might have a more than delightful morning.

Starbucks Secret Menu
Starbucks St. Patrick’s day

celebrating with frap for you lunch

Everybody has a thirty-minute to an hour lunch break. For the 17th you should go out and try a new restaurant. You should swade away from the normal and go to a place that you have not been before. What do you feel like eating Google it and it will lead you in the right direction. Using the maps feature on google will enable you to get directions to your desired location. Many restaurants will have a lot of promotions that you can take advantage of. Do not settle for just fast food use your lunch hour to its full potential. On the ST. Patrick’s day is where you are you to find lady luck because you are being adventurous and daring for trying restaurants that you have not yet tried. To find things you have to move and get around to the city. If you live in a big city you will profit from the vast variety of of shops and restaurants available to you. Do not fret if you don not live in a big city there’s plenty of mom and pop shops that are doing deals. So no matter where you live take your lunch break seriously and go out and pick a restaurant and let google guide your journey their.

DINNER and after hours on st Patrick’s day

After work is when the magic of st. Patrick’s day starts to makes itself present . This is the time where you can call up friends and get some type of event going. Events that you do with people you care about releases endorphin’s that make you feel good. Feeling good leads to better long term memory and helps you enjoy the events that are unfolding before your eyes. Everybody has busy lives and and stress can add up on you so days like st. Patrick’s day are good for you health. Good for you mental health to because you will not have a mental breakdown any time soon. Have having physical and mental stability improves the immune system. You will not be bogged down by stress and anxiety and let your personality shine through. People will see that you have this aurora around you and people will ask you how you are so happy. You might even get more friends because they are trying to figure out how you do you. When you do go to a Irish bar please drink responsibly. Going to an Irish bar will be one of the suggestions that will come up i am sure of it so i am just forewarning you to be a responsible or just use Uber and slip the ride cost with your friends.


Doing the above will land you in perfect harmony with lady luck

Hanging out with friends and taking pictures and tagging each other is a great way to beef each other’s Facebook timeline. This enables you to have more common ground with you friends so that next time you meet up you can have a fruitful conversation. Having quality conversations is a great way to have lasting friendships that will endure time and other things.

Closing thoughts for this St. Patrick’s day 2016 is to have fun and try new thing.

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