Communication in a relationship

Communication in a relationship is important to the health of the relationship. It lets your partner know that you care for them by expressing what you feel inside. You should have open disclosure in your relationship. Your partner should not have to force the information out of you because that tells your partner that you do not trust them enough to talk about your feelings with them. In a close or romantic relationship, you have to show your partner the vulnerable side that you have. It takes great courage to show your defenseless side to a woman, but if you really love her, then it is something you must do to better the relationship. When she sees you do this, she will reciprocate that feeling to you as well. For that moment, it is just you guys talking together and being open and mutually corresponding. It is these communication moments that bring a relationship alive with feeling and bring it to a much deeper level than it was before. This is what you call relationship intimacy where she can openly disclose secrets and personal things. When you do this, your partner will not judge you because he will disclose secrets of his own. When couples share their intimate secrets, desires and feelings openly this is called self-disclosure, which is vital to the length of the relationship. If you want the relationship to pass the honeymoon stage, then this is something you are going to have to learn to do. Come back soon to read more about how to improve your relationship with your partner