dealing with dating frustrations

We here at The Dapperman Project believe that a man’s well-being involves everything from their personal finances, their hobbies, and their work life balance. However, behind every great man, there is an even greater woman that supports him and is there behind the scenes. With this in mind, we going to help a fellow man in the hopes that if another man is reading and in this situation. Then they could effectively put a stop to this problem and move on to conquer other problems. Let’s look at this situation and find out how to resolve this situation in an effective manner.  

 Dealing Dating Frustrations


“Like, me, I’m am outgoing, funny, reasonably good looking, have an easy time starting conversations with total strangers, and talk to girls just as easily as I do men, if not more easily. And… I still suck at dating. It’s just too damn hard. Like, discounting that most girls are taken, too many rules to follow, too many shots you must take for too few successes. I don’t want to be rejected 500 times before my first yes, not only does that suck, but I have a life and would rather be doing things I enjoy, the outside and hitting on girls. What’s weird for me is that my friends don’t know why, I don’t even know why, they say I’m not ugly, so they say it’s because I’m depressing, but I’m also too hyper, but I’m also too unconfident, but I’m also too arrogant. but damn, dating is a headache!”


Just by reading this I get the sense that the person is coming off as arrogant without actually knowing it. Being arrogant is a big repellent to some people and that may be a problem that the person must look inside introspectively and root it out. Also, being depressing and making people feel depressed when they hang out with the person. People do not want to be around people that make them feel depressed. Unless they like that stuff but in the case, the person above has not found them yet. For the most part, people like to be around happy positive people with a good outlook on life. If you can create an aurora of positivity and well-being you will have people flocking, you left and right. Why? because people want a piece of positivity that you are bringing to the table. Out of all those people that are going to talk to you pick the one that you like the most and date her. Then after the dating period is over it would be your choice of whether you would like to get serious. The rest of the people you can just be friends if anything would ever go wrong with the current relationship. One piece of advice is if you are getting the run around then just leave and find other girls. There are 7 billion people in the world if one gives you the run around move on to the next. what I have learned in my years is there is always a bigger fish. What I mean by that is that there is always going to be girls that are more attractive, cooler actually into. A person will not find that out if they are stuck with somebody that does not like them. which is what a see often happens with good men. A good man will find the quality of moving on to bigger and better things quite useful. They can do this while still being a good man because this quality does not change the person in a negative way. It would be a positive trait that would help you save time and money and effort that you could be spending it with other females. and we all know we have a limited time so let’s make the best of it. So comment your thoughts and until next time.


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