Communicate Confidence while you are in a movie theater.

Communicate confidence while you are in a movie theater in the best seat of the house.


With the launch of the newest movie of the Star Wars franchise coming to a theater near you.  We dive right into how you can get the optimum movie watching experience so that you can enjoy the movie from the finest seat in the house. Most people do not know how to watch movies from the optimal angle whom the theater can provide. If you know how to use a theater to your advantage, you can get the best, auditory and visual adventure.

THX the company that certifies theaters across the country says, “36 degree viewing angle from the farthest seat in the auditorium.”  This seat will give you the best viewing geometry of the whole theater room. With this seat, you will be able to not only feel the movie but be more engaged in all the cinematics the movie has. In this seat, I recommend you to put your pesky phone on silent for the duration of the wonderful movie. Your phone will only distract you from what could be the best movie in recent years.

We have taken a look at what seat you will need to sit in order to get the eye indigent experience almost everyone is looking for. To be politically correct not everyone is going to want the best seat in the house all the time.  Where you sit in a movie theaters communicates what your knowledge is about the seating matrix.  For example, when you are sitting in the best possible seat in the theaters, you are non-verbally communication that you know what you are doing. When you know what you are doing that exemplifies confidence. Confidence in what you are doing is what gets a woman to see you as more attractive.  Now remember you are doing all of this without speaking verbally to them. According to Elite Daily, 6 Reasons Why Confidence Is The Most Attractive Quality A Person Can Possess says, “It asserts power and knowledge…”  You are non-verbally declaring that you are confident and have the power to show it to the world.  You will also have the knowledge to defend your claim if they challenge your statement.

So I was single I would find the best seat in the house and sit there. So if a girl comes to you and starts a conversation, smiles, winks just know you did a good job.  If you want to go up and talk to her then you can only after the movie ends.  You do not do it before because then you risk losing your seat to somebody else that also knows what’s going on.  So with the new STAR wars movie that will be in theaters on Thursday December 17 now you will know how to get the best seat in the house and still get at chicks.  Make sure you are enjoing the movie first before anything else you do. The other tasks that you want to do are secondary they can wait for a better time.

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