How to have fun and still Have money to spend

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Enjoy your weekend with more money to spend on experiences

Have you ever gone into the weekend without money?  Do you wish that you had more money to spend on the weekends than you usually do?  Are you tired of not having enough to spend when it comes down to the end of the week? Do you want to know how you can have a kick-ass weekend and still have money left over on Monday. Well you’re in luck if you take my suggestions seriously your end result will surprise you. I just like you have tried a lot of different ways to deal with this to no avail. The gold that I am going give you today is going change your life for the better.   This information that I will hand you will change how you look at saving and spending.

First thing, you need a steady source of income this is vital to our plan. Without a stable source of income from anywhere this plan will not work. Try to get some type of job that pays higher than minimum wage. Looking for a job is always the hardest because you have to spruce up your resume and make it better. A good place to start is a LinkedIn, your local temp agency, and Facebook work groups. Choose from the jobs are available because remember this job will help your finances. If it helps your finances, it will help your wallet. If it helps your wallet, it will help your weekend.

Second, you’re going to need to know how much you spend.  For the second step you’re going to need to think ahead of the curve. What this means in plain terms is that before the weekend even approaches. The bills that you need to take care of should be taken care of.  The bills that you would need to pay would include things like rent, electricity, and internet just to name a few. Managing your money could be frustrating but luckily we have google that you can search for tools to help you manage your money. I would suggest that you opt in for the apps that track for how much money enters your bank account and how much of it just leaves.  I have found to that these apps are your best defense against a declined card.  The situation would not arises because you know how much you have and would prepare accordingly.

Third and final is you should put yourself on a weekend only rule for social situations. For example, don’t go to the club on a Tuesday on a weekday you will only waste money doing that. The only exclusion is that if it is your or your friend’s birthday or a special celebration the rule can be waivered. When the weekend hits go to the bar, night club, or other place that has specials. These type of promotions are your friends and you should use them to get a good time on a budget. These experiences are cost effective ways to get the best weekend possible on limited resources.  These are the steps you should take to have kick ass weekends, enjoy life, and have fun.

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