May 29, 2017

The Ramen Burger

The Ramen Burger The Ramen Burger is sweeping the globe with its wonderful and exquisite details. The Ramen Burger created by Keizo Shimamoto is revolutionizing how we eat our Top Ramen. Shimamoto said
April 10, 2017

sofi coastal Fraud??? got scammed?

Sofi coastal Who are they? Sofi coastal is a semi-scam company that sells low quality watches and other accessories to customers. Where Do They Advertise. They advertise on Instagram like so How
Scarf wearing ideas
December 22, 2016

Spring Fashion: Scarf Wearing Ideas

The second day of winter is here and what better way to celebrate its arrival. Then by whipping out your Scarf collection that you have been dying to wear since summer began. Winter means that It is a
November 4, 2016

How to be punctual

How to be punctual (According to the Experts) Punctuality is when you are consistently early and or on time to all appointments for work, school, or play. They are never late in there are life and are
Homecoming 2016
October 21, 2016

Homecoming Experience 2016

Homecoming Royalty is an honored and longstanding tradition of College’s Homecoming celebration. The Royalty nomination and selection process is a tremendous opportunity to showcase and recognize a few
Muhammad Ali
June 4, 2016

Muhammad Ali Breaking Barriers

 HOW MUHAMMAD ALI WANTED TO BE REMEMBERED. With the passing of ONE of the greatest boxers of our time. I declare that we give him a moment of silence. On June 3, 2016 the world's news sources had some
Change you Life
May 16, 2016

Change Your LIFE Look great with little money

Change Your life look Great with little Money Ways on how you can look like a billion bucks Have you ever been in this situation?  You see an item of clothing like a blazer or a dress shoe or a coat.