Live Blog

With Live blogging, multiple people across a multitude of devices can have and maintain a conversation about a specific event or topic. This is important because many people are very connected to their smart phones, which means the conversation about the event will be fresh most of the time. What I mean by “fresh” is that there will be enough people on that will continue the dialog going smoothly.  This will ensure that the conversation will not become dull and people start leaving the chat event. This type of blogging medium is best used when paired with an event that a bunch of people are watching on T.V or the Internet. This will ensure that a lot of people join your conversation, and the chat can span the entirety of the featured event.

             Who uses live blog the most

The people who use live blogging more frequently than anyone else is news media outlets, reporters, and radio shows. They use this medium to reach broader audience that T.V could not reach. News agency’s use this type of service when they are covering a high profile event, such as, technology conferences, political campaigns, and celebrities getting arrested.  They use this to supplement T.V and have the minute to minute coverage of whatever they are covering. According to, Mallary Jean Tenore of poynter a school of journalism says Live Blogging makes better journalists. Furthermore, states  “Walker is one of many journalists who have found that live blogging can actually help us grow as storytellers — by teaching us to look for quirky details and be better listeners, note takers and deadline writers. Your powers of observation are doubled and tripled when you live blog,” Walker said. “You see things and look for things that you would not look for in a story. You might look at a situation in a different way, and you might listen for a different type of quote.” Ben Walker is an Associated Press reporter who covers a multitude of topics, including sports.


What is a live blog? A live blog is an individual piece of information that has input from many contributors from a specific event that is updated constantly. When you are the author speaking your mind. You can express in a variety of formats like video, picture, audio and text. The creator of the live blog is not the only person that is speaking the audience is also speaking. Do not that whatever you post on the on the liveblog the creator of the chat is allowed to put the video or whatever on their social media outlets like YouTube. People watching the same event can comment, share and subscribe to a particular creator. Live blogs only last twenty-four hours so a new one is going to have to be created from scratch the next day.

what do you think of Live blogging would you do it why or why not