December 21, 2016

The Movie Guy

Welcome Back to the Dapperman Project. This month saw the release of the newest addition to the Star Wars franchise. I will start off by reviewing Rogue One. I was really looking forward to this movie,
December 20, 2016

Moana’s Soundtrack Analysis

Moana’s Soundtrack Analysis The new Disney movie Moana came out the week  23rd of November, but I got an advance look at the soundtrack and here's what I think of it! i.e. what you should look for
November 25, 2016

The Movie Guy

  The Dapperman Project would like to welcome you back to the Movie Guide. Hopefully everyone is full and enjoying your family. This week, I will be reviewing the Arrival. This movie is
November 5, 2016

The Movie Guy

Tyler Durden, Loco Cinephile, Writer, Student, and to be honest part time critic. Favorite Movies include MEMENTO, GHOST, BELLY, HOW HIGH....... Can you believe we have to wait a whole week for a new
November 4, 2016

How to be punctual

How to be punctual (According to the Experts) Punctuality is when you are consistently early and or on time to all appointments for work, school, or play. They are never late in there are life and are
October 21, 2016

Homecoming Experience 2016

Homecoming Royalty is an honored and longstanding tradition of College’s Homecoming celebration. The Royalty nomination and selection process is a tremendous opportunity to showcase and recognize a few
October 5, 2016

A Memory Remains

Memory? What is a memory? A memory can be as sweet as your first kiss that you will remember and think back to for many years to come. It can also be as bitter as citrus peel that can haunt you for years.