Spring Fashion: Scarf Wearing Ideas

The second day of winter is here and what better way to celebrate its arrival. Then by whipping out your Scarf collection that you have been dying to wear since summer began. Winter means that It is a perfect time to accessorize all that you have in your closet. Suit jackets, Coats of any kind and cardigans are just begging to be accessorized and flaunted for the world to see. A carefully selected scarf can keep your outfit in check giving you that look of freshness. Wearing a scarf has a lot of perks to it is comfortable and warm, and it comes in a variety of shapes and colors to suit even the pickiest of women.

Think about the comfiest blanket that you own right now. It reminds you of being warm, having peace and joy that you have peace. Now if we were to hypothetically shrink that blanket into a size that would be appropriate for portability.  It would shrink into a nice and long or short scarf that you can not only keep your neck warm but look trendy and fashionable while keeping your neck warm. So, you would encompass form and function into you winter attire that will impress your friends and other females. Girls usually wear Blanket scarfs over a duster coat with something form fitting and a pair of Chelsea boots.

Scarfs are so versatile that you can wear them with many different outfits and are not limited to patterned knit jumper, leggings and oversized collar coat worn with patent leather tassel loafers. Many women chose an outfit for the day/event that will match their scarf. In this season scarfs are very important to use to look great and stay warm.  Scarf have a dual role of keeping you warm but also making you look your best.

Scarfs can be worn from November to the end of March this time is usually the best for scarfs. This period is known as scarf season in which people either start their scarf collection or whip their collection out.  Tips on how to start a collection will appear in an upcoming post. If you are trying to build a scarf collection from scratch them my recommendation for you is to start with the basics first. After you have the basics down then you can branch out and get other scarfs styles and fabrics.  When you get any type of scarf make sure it is rectangular those are easiest to work with.

Wearing a scarf
Wearing a Scarf can help your self-esteem grow to where you are confident in yourself


As a bonus to our viewer and readers, we are giving you tips on  how to wear a scarf in the summer with a dress as a cover


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