Shape of You Music Review

I doubt people have not heard the song “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. With it debuting at number 1 on the billboard top 100 chart. It’s no secret that Ed Sheeran is some sort of songwriting genius. Just in case people didn’t know, he wrote one of the biggest songs of last year, Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”, a song for One Direction, a couple for Taylor Swift, and all his own for his albums.

Back to our song of topic, “Shape of You” in case readers were on the fence on whether they liked it or not, like me. I recommend you just give in just like the massively huge hit of “Love Yourself” It is going to blow up and be nearly ubiquitous. I would bet money on the song blowing up even more just like how Adele’s “Hello” was literally everywhere last year also “Closer” by the Chainsmokers and Halsey.
Shape of You has all the makings of a perfect pop song. Relatable lyrics that are just vague enough to keep you wondering. A catchy chorus in for example, “I’m in love with the shape of you/push and pull like a magnet too/last night you were in my room/and everything smells like you” it also has an infectious tune. With the instrument, I can’t quite figure out what it sounds like the “bell sounds” (?) that play repeatedly throughout the song. What makes this song different from other songs is it’s a “pop” song, that is mixed and altered as opposed to just Ed Sheeran with his guitar and looping peddle. It is well mixed, and it’s a departure from his normal style. Which is a welcomed new addition to his repertoire that fans will love and enjoy jamming out to.

So, in conclusion, we’ve got a real earworm. Now don’t let ME tell you what to listen to. It’s more like a forecast predicting a STORM WARNING: expect to hear a lot more of this song, it is already all over twitter, and it broke records on both Spotify and YouTube for most streams in a day. These record breaking events are what is setting Ed Sheeran apart from other musicians of the same caliber as him.