Sharing Snapcodes

With the new updates that Snapchat rolled out last Tuesday.  It has made it easy for any legitimate website to get a snap code. This snap code works just like your personal snap code that you can send through various social media platforms. First, you need to update to the latest snap chat updates on your device.  

  1. Once you have the latest update. You will need to go to the settings of snap chat and once you are there press with your index finger the option that says “Snapcodessnapchat settings
  2. Then after you have pressed the option that says “Snapcodes”  you will be brought to the following page. When you get to this page press with you index finger the option that says “Create Snapcode” once this option has been selected you will be taken to the next page.snapchat snap code
  3. The next step will require you to input the name of the web address URL into the blank space provided by snapchat. In this field, for example, you will put something like Then once you have typed in your desired web address you will be taken to the next part of this process.                                                                                                                             new snap code
  4. Once you hit the option that says next you will be taken to the finished product of a fully functional snapcode for you to use and share your content.                                                                                                               snapcode

Twitter users were raving this update with some saying:





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