sofi coastal Fraud??? got scammed?

Sofi coastal

Who are they?

Sofi coastal is a semi-scam company that sells low quality watches and other accessories to customers.

Where Do They Advertise.

They advertise on Instagram like so

Hint: you can buy this watch yourself at Aliexpress

How do they do it

You could get a watch, but this is a common semi-scam. The watch itself is extremely cheap. The cost of the watch, and the cost to ship it, is way under what you are charged for shipping. That’s how they make money. People can buy these watches all by themselves. They do not need a third party to buy these watches for them.

How to avoid being Scammed by these semi scam companies


Where does sofi-Coastal get their watches: Aliexpress and Amazon

The two links below are where sofi-coastal buys the watches from

The craziest part of all of this is you do not need sofi coastal to buy these watches for you. You can buy these your self if you wanted to. The best part is that when you order from either from amazon or aliexpress you get Free shipping.  The watches are around $2 dollars US that come with free shipping. That is why Sofi Coastal is a semi-scam, you will still receive something.



Watch out for semi- scam companies.

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