The Movie Guy


The Dapperman Project would like to welcome you back to the Movie Guide. Hopefully everyone is full and enjoying your family. This week, I will be reviewing the Arrival.

This movie is not something I recommend. It was boring and it is a story I have heard numerous times. These alien encounter movies need to keep the audience engaged from the start and this one failed. If you need an alien encounter movie fix, please feel free to comment and I can give you a list of some good ones. This movie is not even worth watching on the redbox.

Hacksaw Ridge is the next movie I will be reviewing. This is a war movie about a man who refuses to pick up a gun and  then decides to join the army to fight in World War 2. This is another one of those based on a true story movies. This movie was very interesting. Mel Gibson directed this WW2 Drama, and visually it was beautiful. I enjoyed this movie very much BUTT, I think I should of waited to rent this. This movie was not worth watching in the theater. With ticket prices going up please save your money. Maybe you can get your parents or significant others to pay for it. Again there is always the redbox.

Speaking of the Box, lets check out some of these rentals. One of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. The first movie I will recommend is Bad Moms. Here is a some free advice. Bring this movie or suggest this movie next time its time for movie night. You will be the hero, and this applies to all partners. This movie is good,and will be enjoyed by most of the adults in your life. I would even go as far as to tell you to buy it as a gift for Christmas.

Next movie I will review is Hell or High Water. I just finished watching this movie and I defiantly recommend this movie. This is a great movie for the holiday season. This story follows two brother who begin to rob banks. These brothers are new to armed robbery and it shows. They also have ulterior motives and a valid reason they target these institutions. So please check out these movies and let us know what you think. Also feel free to comment if you would like me to let you know what other good movies I have seen lately. Until next time.