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Tyler Durden, Loco Cinephile, Writer, Student, and to be honest part time critic.
Favorite Movies include MEMENTO, GHOST, BELLY, HOW HIGH…….

Can you believe we have to wait a whole week for a new episode of The Walking Dead? What do we watch in the meantime, for those that know me know I love movies. So The Dapperman Project has started a movie guide to help you maneuver your way through the various Hollywood offerings. This week we will start off with DOCTOR STRANGE.

This movie is very interesting, colorful and very trippy. For those who partake in recreational hallucinogens or a casual toker this movie is perfect, but even your everyday moviegoers will be entertained from start to finish. This movie is worth the price of admission and defiantly a must see in the theater.

Next movie I want to review is DEEPWATER HORIZON. This movie is a based on a true story and I usually love these kinds of films. It has drama, some action scenes and some quality acting. I enjoyed it a lot but I should have waited for the red box. This one can wait and can be enjoyed at home. Save your money and rent it.  For those of you who don’t have time for the theater or cant afford to take the whole family we are here to help.

My first rental review is the NICE GUYS; this movie had everything my 16yr old self-wanted. It had humor, nudity, and violence. I am also of the opinion that this movie is a great date movie. It also has everything my date wanted. It was funny, entertaining and had a good-looking man.

Next one we will review is GHOSTBUSTERS; I was looking forward to watching this one, but end up getting bored in the middle of it. It has its moments, and the cast really tries but this was just a mess.  Thank you for joining us and come back next week for more reviews.

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